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I started having some shoulder pain over the summer and thought I must’ve just overused my arm, though it’s my nondominant arm. I figured it would heal over the next few weeks but instead it grew worse, to the point it hurt to do simple tasks like reaching backwards to put my coat on and raising my arm to shampoo or brush my hair. Pulling my shirt off over my head was almost unbearable. Cortisone shots did nothing to fix the problem; they only temporarily dulled the pain. I decided to seek treatment at Rothrock Massage. After thoroughly examining my arm and evaluating my range of motion in multiple planes, he determined I was rapidly heading toward frozen shoulder. He quickly found trouble spots in my muscles and worked through them determinedly but not roughly. After just a handful of sessions (and some at home exercises to speed my recovery), I have regained full mobility in my arm and can now resume normal activities without bracing for the pain I was used to over the past year. Alan gets to the root of the problem instead of just putting a bandaid on it. Really excellent therapist.

Amanda T. 3/3/2023 – Google

I was impressed by Alan and his knowledge/technique after our first session. He is well trained, caring, available for questions and he gives helpful advice. He also takes his time with you and is conscientious about health concerns and preferred pressure. In addition, he has an easy to use scheduling and cancellation system online. I recommend Rothrock Massage.

Jennifer M. 2/25/2023 – Google

I’ve been to many massage therapists over the years and am happy to have found Alan. In addition to giving an excellent massage, Alan has also stretched me and often offers stretches for me to do on my own to help increase my mobility and flexibility. He is responsive and incredibly knowledgeable. Highly recommend

Sue P. 11/23/2022 – Google

Alan is a wonderful massage therapist! He’s very knowledgeable of the body and how every muscle functions to find the root cause of any issue. Alan helped me stay functioning and healthy during my track & field career. He’s the best! 10/10 would recommend.

Victoria T. 7/14/2022 – Google

Alan is the best! Not only is he knowledgeable about the body and an incredible massage therapist, but he is also incredibly personable. Leaving my session I felt informed, tension-free, and excited to schedule my next session!

Blake K. 4/29/2022 – Google

The best sports massage I’ve ever experienced. As a runner and horse riding enthusiast, I often need to work out kinks and sore spots to keep me at the top performance. Over the past several months Alan has been an integral part of my health and well-being routine. I highly recommend Roth Rock Massage!

Amanda K. 4/27/2022 – Google

Alan is a very skilled massage therapist with great insight about the body mechanics of daily living. I always leave my session feeling relief from whatever muscular tension is bothering me. He also provides insight into the postural dynamics that lead to feeling pain in a certain way and shares tips to rewire those habits. If you are looking to address pain and tension, I highly recommend working with Alan.

Mel M. 4/3/22 – Google

I have suffered from long-term COVID, which has led to a lot of pain in my shoulders and neck. I first went to Alan a few months ago in hopes to ease some of the pain, and I have gone back regularly because he has been able to find the problem areas, and has given me targeted exercises that will help lessen the pain. I also appreciate how thorough he is. I haven’t had any other masseuse keep extensive notes the way Alan does. I highly recommend visiting Rothrock Massage!

Otis L. 12/9/21 – Google

I have been working with Alan since September. I came in due to a knee injury and through consistent physical therapy and massage therapy I have been able to regain mobility and strengthen my knee. I am so grateful to Rothrock and urge everyone interested to do a session with Alan. Whether your looking to heal or relax, he will take care of you!

Kinda Kinda 11/20/2021 – Google

Great experience. Alan clearly communicated throughout the session and gave me insight and suggestions for how to manage on-going issues.

Lindsey W. F. 10/13/2021 – Google

Rothrock Massage provides a safe, professional environment coupled with a friendly atmosphere. Alan Klein adjusts your massage to your changing needs each visit while moving you toward your ultimate goal. If you are interested, Mr. Klein will educate you on body mechanics as he explains how he is proceding with the session. He also suggests “homework” exercises to move you toward your goal.

Vicki P. 1/13/2021

Excellent and caring therapeutic & sports massage therapy. Alan is the best I’ve ever worked with!

William K. 11/18/2020 – Google

Allan is a very skilled massage therapist. I always feel more relaxed and more pain free when I leave. In addition, the atmosphere in his studio is calm and welcoming. Allen always listens to my complaints and adjusts his technique to address my concerns. He takes notes and makes suggestions for work I can do in between sessions. I highly recommend him !

Debby C. 1/13/2020 – Google

I am from Germany and have had many massages in Europe…this by far is the Best Massage I have ever had. His technique and ability to find those spots that need attention are superior. I was more relaxed with this massage than any I’d previously had. Alan is very knowledgeable, kind, attentive and intuitive. I will definitely come back to see Alan when i return to PA.

Jasmin K. 1/6/2020 – Google

Alan at Rothrock Massage provides more than just a therapeutic massage. He provides a custom plan tailored to each persons’ individual needs. I’ve been to Rothrock twice now with excellent results from both visits. I’ve experienced significant improvement in my range of motion and my lower back pain is gone. I highly recommend him for anyone having difficulty keeping up with “Father Time” or anyone looking for a quality-of-life improvement. Thanks Alan!

Dwayne W. 9/3/2019 – Google

Alan is exceptional! He intently listens to what you have going on and expertly addresses it in a manner that’s comfortable to you. He is able to find areas of concern, work to correct them and provide recommendations for one to work on at home, be that stretching, tools, etc. Alan is very respectful of your comfort level, privacy and satisfaction. Going to Rothrock Massage is well worth your time and money.

Tina K. 9/2/2019 – Google

Amazing!! I’ve gotten about 10 massages with Alan. The massage room is wonderful! Relaxing, super clean and professional environment. I feel like a new person when I leave. My range of motion, joints and soft tissues are relaxed and feel connected again.
The myofascial release technique relieves my stiffness and soreness. Alan’s approach to better understand his clients needs, injuries, medical conditions or just wellness are at the top of his priorities when starting your massage. Even during the massage, Alan will check in on the type of pressure, explain the technique and what he is finding in the areas he is working. Actually makes a lot of sense. I would have to say, I am a regular now and got his package deal. Scheduling is super easy on line with Schedule Now. Love the ease of scheduling!! Highly recommend Rothrock Massage!! You’ll thoroughly enjoy the massage!!

Andrea W. 8//27/19 – Google

I’ve had issues with my lower back and legs for a while. I’ve visited Alan three times now and haven’t felt this good in a while. I will be visiting Rothrock Massage on a regular basis now.

Rik M. 3/14/19 – Thumbtack

I had an enjoyable therapeutic massage at Rothrock Massage. The space is serene and professional, and Alan has an intelligent, organized way of massaging, in that he is attentive to individual needs and he has a tool box of intuitive techniques to relieve tension. A great, healing experience! Thanks Alan!

Sylvie K-A
3/6/2019 – Google

I have been a body worker for over 25 years, and Rothrock Massage is where I go for the best massage in the area. Alan cares about people, and is a gifted therapist. I highly recommend him.

Randel B.
12/18/2018 – Google

Alan provided a fantastic massage that cleared up my extremely tight neck and shoulders. As a lifelong athlete having had professional massages previously, I was impressed with his skill to identify problem areas and repertoire of techniques to loosen them up. He was also very mindful of my comfort and pressure preferences.

Amy N.
11/12/2018 – Google

I have never had a massage before going here. One of my coworkers gave me a coupon to Rothrock Massage and it was one of the best experiences ever! I have been to Alan two times sense. He is so knowledgeable and makes you feel so comfortable. He explains everything as he does it and gives you tips and things to do at home to help with tension between visits. I would recommend him to anyone!

Sara S.
11/8/2018 – Google

Looking forward to my next visit to State College and Rothrock Massage. I had a session with Alan at his first office so definitely want to get to the new location. I’m used to the massage therapists in Philly so wasn’t sure what to expect. Alan did a great job. Professional, relaxing, and took care of the lower back pain that I was experiencing. Definitely recommend Rothrock Massage.

Barry J.
6/9/2018 – Yelp

Rothrock Massage has a great new office that is comfortable and relaxing. Alan is a great massage therapist who cares for the comfort and well-being of his clients. Since I have been getting massages from Alan, he has consistently been professional and knowledgeable and does whatever he can to help relieve my tension and pain, including giving me advice on how to work on things at home between appointments.

Amy J.
4/10/2018 – Google

I have had numerous professional massages from multiple providers over the years to alleviate neck, shoulder and back pain. Alan Klein, by far has provided the best quality and personalized professional massages, I have ever had. I have experienced a significant improvement in both my mental and physical health since beginning to receive integrative massage services from him.

Marie M.

I have had two sessions with Rothrock. The first was just a relaxation massage, the second was for the pain I was having in my neck. The therapist Alan, was knowledgeable, kind, and considerate. The day after the neck work, it felt so much better. Alan really worked it to get it on the mend. Definitely worth it!

Heidi W.
2/9/2018 – Yelp

I’ve had multiple massages from Alan, and he has consistently been professional, knowledgeable, and effective. He listens carefully to my descriptions of my issues and then identifies and focuses on the muscles causing them. His massages have always offered me relief that extended for days or even weeks, and I highly recommend him.

Deanna H.
1/9/2018 – Yelp

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