Swedish Massage Therapy

Female client getting massageSwedish Massage is the best known style of massage. It often comes to mind when massage is considered and is the basis of other massage styles including deep tissue, sports and aromatherapy massage.

What is Swedish Massage

This style of massage involves gentle soothing strokes, kneading, deep circular movement and passive joint movements over the whole body that originated from a system of movements that Johan Georg Mezger (1838-1909) developed. Best known for bringing complete relaxation, Swedish massage helps release tension and stress while improving mental and physical well-being. Following a session, clients can feel completely relaxed and energized.

What are the benefits of Swedish Massage

In addition to relaxation, its other benefits include,

  • increase of blood flow
  • injury rehabilitation
  • increase in flexibility
  • pain management
  • and, improvement of the immune system

Take advantage of its benefits and treat yourself to a 30, 60 or 90 minute Swedish Massage. Be sure to communicate your needs to the therapist so that your massage session is tailored to you for the best results.

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