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Alan Klein, LMT

Photograph of Alan Klein LMT - On Staff at Rothrock Massage
Alan Klein LMT #MSG012015

I am a professional Licensed Massage Therapist and owner of Rothrock Massage in Boalsburg Pennsylvania. I started my massage therapy business in 2017 and currently share a work space with my wife, Michelle, who is a licensed Mental Health Counselor. Choosing massage as an occupation has been very rewarding for me. Therapeutic massage allows me to accomplish my goal of helping others achieve a better quality of life.  Reducing stress and tension from life’s activities or achieving  optimal sports performance through massage is the goal I have for all of my clients.

I am a graduate of the Integrative Bodyworks School of Massage Therapy (IBSMT) in State College Pennsylvania. My current training includes Swedish Massage, Sports Massage, Myofascial Bodywork, and Neuromuscular Technique. My areas of focus within massage therapy are restorative sports massage, therapeutic massage, relaxation, and deep tissue bodywork.

I have had the opportunity to provide sports massage therapy for various Penn State athletic teams such as football, women’s gymnastics, men’s and women’s track and field (Who I currently work with.) and wrestling. By regularly working with a massage therapist, these athletes recover from competition, normal workouts, and even from sports related injuries more quickly than the athletes that don’t receive massage. Whether your life revolves around athletics or if you are simply a weekend warrior I can help you perform at your maximum potential through massage therapy.

In addition to my wife Michelle, I also live with my son David and our two dogs Tully and Panzer. I also have a daughter, Justine who is living in the Harrisburg area. When I am not working as a massage therapist  I enjoy hiking and being outside in the woods, traveling to and spending time in our country’s National Parks. Over the past few years I have started to learn the art and cultivation of Bonsai trees. Since the Covid years I have also picked up the sport of disc golf. As an older individual I have to really focus on my own self care so I can play regularly. Stretching and foam rolling are things I need to do daily to avoid injury.

Photograph of fall colors in Rothrock State forest.

Why are we called Rothrock Massage?

I love the outdoors and have hiked and camped in Rothrock State Forest for over 40 years. It’s a place I can go to get away and to collect my thoughts, a place where I lose any stress and tension that I have. That’s where the connection comes in. Rothrock Massage, like Rothrock State Forest, is a place where you can go to remove stress and tension and re-energize.

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