Lower extremity injuries

Over half of injuries (54%) we sustain occur in the lower extremities. An injury to the hip, leg, or foot can have a widespread effect on the whole body. This can hamper our day to day activities including exercise, walking and our sleeping pattern. Rebounding from a lower extremity injury can vary on many factors. And a serious injury might require a visit to your doctor and include visits to a physical therapist. While a massage therapist can help with recovery we cannot provide a diagnosis. Massage in the areas surrounding the point of dysfunction can reduce tension in muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Additionally, massage will increase blood and lymph flow to the damaged areas. If ignored, further damage could occur with the tightening of muscles and increase the strain on the surrounding joints. So be aware of what your body is telling you. R.I.C.E. rest, ice, compress the injury, and elevate to reduce blood flow which will reduce pain. When to massage the damaged area will depend on the severity of the injury. Consult with your doctor to know when massage therapy would be good. #RothrockMassage #lowerextremityinjury #leginjury #hippain #statecollegepa #massage

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