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Below you will find a list of client testimonials that were posted and collected from the following Rothrock Massage Yelp, Google, Thumbtack and Facebook pages.

I’ve had issues with my lower back and legs for a while. I’ve visited Alan three times now and haven’t felt this good in a while. I will be visiting Rothrock Massage on a regular basis now.

Rik M. 3/14/19 – Thumbtack

I had an enjoyable therapeutic massage at Rothrock Massage. The space is serene and professional, and Alan has an intelligent, organized way of massaging, in that he is attentive to individual needs and he has a tool box of intuitive techniques to relieve tension. A great, healing experience! Thanks Alan!

Sylvie K-A
3/6/2019 – Google

I have been a body worker for over 25 years, and Rothrock Massage is where I go for the best massage in the area. Alan cares about people, and is a gifted therapist. I highly recommend him.

Randel B.
12/18/2018 – Google

Alan provided a fantastic massage that cleared up my extremely tight neck and shoulders. As a lifelong athlete having had professional massages previously, I was impressed with his skill to identify problem areas and repertoire of techniques to loosen them up. He was also very mindful of my comfort and pressure preferences.

Amy N.
11/12/2018 – Google

I have never had a massage before going here. One of my coworkers gave me a coupon to Rothrock Massage and it was one of the best experiences ever! I have been to Alan two times sense. He is so knowledgeable and makes you feel so comfortable. He explains everything as he does it and gives you tips and things to do at home to help with tension between visits. I would recommend him to anyone!

Sara S.
11/8/2018 – Google

Looking forward to my next visit to State College and Rothrock Massage. I had a session with Alan at his first office so definitely want to get to the new location. I’m used to the massage therapists in Philly so wasn’t sure what to expect. Alan did a great job. Professional, relaxing, and took care of the lower back pain that I was experiencing. Definitely recommend Rothrock Massage.

Barry J.
6/9/2018 – Yelp

Rothrock Massage has a great new office that is comfortable and relaxing. Alan is a great massage therapist who cares for the comfort and well-being of his clients. Since I have been getting massages from Alan, he has consistently been professional and knowledgeable and does whatever he can to help relieve my tension and pain, including giving me advice on how to work on things at home between appointments.

Amy J.
4/10/2018 – Google

I have had numerous professional massages from multiple providers over the years to alleviate neck, shoulder and back pain. Alan Klein, by far has provided the best quality and personalized professional massages, I have ever had. I have experienced a significant improvement in both my mental and physical health since beginning to receive integrative massage services from him.

Marie M.

I have had two sessions with Rothrock. The first was just a relaxation massage, the second was for the pain I was having in my neck. The therapist Alan, was knowledgeable, kind, and considerate. The day after the neck work, it felt so much better. Alan really worked it to get it on the mend. Definitely worth it!

Heidi W.
2/9/2018 – Yelp

I’ve had multiple massages from Alan, and he has consistently been professional, knowledgeable, and effective. He listens carefully to my descriptions of my issues and then identifies and focuses on the muscles causing them. His massages have always offered me relief that extended for days or even weeks, and I highly recommend him.

Deanna H.
1/9/2018 – Yelp

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